Our Clients

We serve a range of families and institutions with solutions customized to their situation and needs. Our high-net-worth families—those with more than $1 million in investable assets—receive holistic, proactive guidance that includes everything from investment management to asset protection, as well as wealth transfer strategies. We meet with our clients often to address their complex situations and goals. Most importantly, we employ our significant experience in the financial industry to identify challenges and opportunities. Our clients also include “accumulators,” those who are building the wealth to fund important life goals. They may receive services including financial planning, tax-efficient investing and ongoing financial advice.

Before entering into an advisory relationship with a client, we generally require a minimum aggregate account value of $500,000. However, we may waive these requirements under certain circumstances.

  • Consistent Approach

    Ø  A consultative and engaging discovery process that helps us understand our client's objectives

    Ø  Sophisticated and unique investment framework results in portfolios tailored to each client

    Ø  Educating clients helps reduce complexity and ease decision making in a world of information overload

  • Focus on Collaboration

    Ø  Experience, expertise, and specialization allows for a rational, forward-looking perspective

    Ø  Team approach allows for the delivery of global resources with a local, personalized feel

    Ø  Active listening and full transparency allow for full alignment of our client’s objectives with ours

  • Personalized Service

    Ø  Working with a select number of clients ensures access and creates a caring, comfortable environment

    Ø  Ongoing and flexible communication based on timely, relevant information that is easy to act upon

    Ø  Highly responsive team considers client requests as our personal mission

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