The Mengis Difference

 Selecting the "right" investment management firm is a very individual decision. We strive to be the best choice for our clients who embrace our values and approach. We believe the following qualities distinguish our service and performance.

We work for you


We are an independent fee-only registered investment advisory firm. As fiduciaries, we are held to the highest standard and required to act in your best interests.

Objective Advice.

In an advisory relationship, objectivity is everything. This is particularly true when someone else is managing your money. Our investment management advisory services are provided for an agreed-upon fee. We do not push products to earn commissions; instead, you pay a fee to receive the professional, unbiased advice you need to make educated financial decisions. We have no proprietary interest in any of the products or investments we recommend.

Personal Approach.

We take a personal approach to ensure your financial well-being. We get to know you and carefully explore your needs, long-term goals, fears, hopes, and tolerance for risk. The understanding we gain of you, your values, and your expectations guides our financial advice and the customized investment strategy that we implement.

Jeff Mengis

Jeff Mengis

"I'm grateful for the trust our clients have in us. Their support has been instrumental in the growth of our business."

Founder, President, and CEO

CLIENT Benefits


We customize an investment strategy to your needs. We work closely with you to develop your Investment Policy Statement – a clear and concise document that describes your needs and resources, defines your objectives, and sets a strategy to achieve them.  We implement a bottom-up approach allowing us to build portfolios one company at a time. Our primary focus is to identify reasonably valued companies that offer strong quantitative and qualitative characteristics.


Disciplined Investment Management. We build wealth for clients by balancing risk and expected return in broadly diversified portfolios. Our investment process seeks capital appreciation by investing in companies which, in our judgment, offer value relative to their long-term potential and the market as a whole. Our disciplined process offers us the ability to take advantage of market opportunities around the world while reducing volatility.


Comprehensive Portfolio Management. We provide personalized planning catering to the individual goals of each client.  We will tailor your portfolio depending on your needs at all stages of life.


Continuous Portfolio Management and Monitoring. We continuously monitor the stocks and other investments in our clients' portfolios to ensure that that they adhere to the strict criteria and philosophy for which they were selected. Adjustments are made whenever we feel that economic, market or fundamental changes are warranted.


While we are able to utilize any custodian. The majority of our client assets are custodied at Charles Schwab. They maintain over $9.1 trillion in client assets, and are an industry leader in providing excellent customer service at a low-cost. 

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